Update / Replace a module content version Follow


Modules can be updated with newer version of content

1. Click on the name of the module to be updated.


2.   On module detail page, Click upload module.


3. Select the new version content file . Please note that you can only use the same type of content to update. Which means, if the module is a scorm module, you will have to use a scorm module to update version.  If the module is a multimedia module, you will have to use a multimedia file to update


There is a Force all users to upgrade option. If you select it, all users who have the module will be forced to upgrade. They will loose their progress and will have to start over. 


After updating the module,  make sure you apply settings as explained in this article > https://support.coggno.com/hc/en-us/articles/213794186-What-is-Apply-Changes

Only after applying changes, the new version will be pushed to users.



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