How to Generate Group Reports Follow

You can generate group reports for your learners under groups.

Under Users tab, click on the group name and go to Reports subtab.



There are 3 tools you can use to run your group reports:

1) Generate Report for a quick overview of your employees, it will show all your learners, # of views, time spent, when they started and when they completed, their scores and a quick view if they passed or failed the course

2) Export to Excel will extract and download the data into an Excel format.

3) Print Report to print the report

All courses or Selected Only

Choose All courses to generate all data of all courses assigned to the users in the group.


Choose Selected Only to generate report for specific courses.

Show only started courses Check this box to generate data on courses that has been "started" by users. The report will not show data for courses that users has not started.
Show modules included in the course

Check this bot to generate report for each individual modules under courses.

(For ex: a course has 9 modules in it, and the report will show all data for each 9 modules)


There is also an Advanced filter you can use to filter specific data in your report, ie: filter by Location, by date ranges.



Filters Report Parameters
Location Filter reports by "Location".
Status Filter reports by completion status > Completed or Incomplete.
Complete Filter the report based on score value > ie: 0% to 100% of progress
Started at

Generate a report on all who started training on a specific start date and/ or between date ranges (2 points of reference > from - to period)

Completed at Generate a report based on completion dates > ie: Jan 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2017)
Enrollment date

Track dates when training are assigned to users.

(Note: this filter is not "retroactive" and is applicable only on new

training assigned to users after deployment on live site)





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