Adding & Updating Global Survey Answers Follow

You can now add and modify Global Survey answers to your employees' profiles, and the updated information will reflect in the corresponding group reports.

Here are the steps:

1. Order a Global Survey from Coggno (via sending a ticket to

2. A Global Survey tab will be added to your LMS account. Go to "Survey" tab inside admin's dashboard. 


3. You also have the option to allow your employees to answer the Global Survey answers from their end. As they enter their dashboard, they will see a page with the Global Survey questions, which the employees have to answers and the system will capture the data and add it on to their respective profiles.

4. Create your Global Survey questions. (tick the Required checkbox if you are allowing your employees to answer the questions from their end)


5. Note that each question is assigned an identifier value. (ie: SURVEY_EMPLOYEE_IDENTIFIER)



6. For importing data, add Global Survey headers and their (questions) and their corresponding data (answers) to the import spreadsheet (see sample.xls template - columns A to G are default, so add your Global Survey headers from column H onwards.

Note that the Global Survey headers should exactly match the Global Survey identifiers


7. Import the spreadsheet and you will see the data captured and reflected on to the users' details page.



8. Generate a group report and the Global Survey answers are now included into report. Note that column names should match 'Question Name in Report' values from #2



9. If there are any changes or updates in the employee data/information, you can update the Global Survey answers in the import spreadsheet and import again.


10. Make sure that survey answers updated on the user details page.




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