How to publish course from Easy Generator to Coggno Follow

Coggno, Easy Generator’s partner for selling your courses, is a training Marketplace, offering high quality courses and curriculum created by industry experts and available for individual and corporate purchases.

Here's a quick video overview:


For screen by screen guide, please see below.

Once course is created on EasyGenerator, Hover mouse over the course.


On the next screen, Click on "Sell your courses" side tab and  then "Publish to Coggno".


Click "Allow" if a popup appears like below.If there is a Coggno account associated with same email ID that is used in Easy Generator, it may also ask for Coggno password for the first time.


Once course is successfully transferred to Coggno, it will show like below. Click "Open the course in Coggno" option.


Your Coggno account will be opened in a new tab and under "modules" tab in the account dashboard, the transferred module will be listed.


Note that Coggno allows login when you come from a logged in EasyGenerator account, that have an associated Coggno account. You can always set a password if you need to login to Coggno directly.


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