How to Use Your Referral Coupon Code Follow

You will automatically receive a Referral Coupon Code once you receive an invitation from Coggno. Here are steps on how to use them.


1.  Once a friend or a person refers you to, you will receive an invitation together with a referral coupon code that will allow you to save 10% when you buy your training. Click on the link "Click here and start saving today".  You will be directed to Coggno Marketplace and you can purchase on any course that you want to buy.  



2.  Choose from thousands of online training/courses you'd like. Once you choose a course, click the "Buy Now" button.



3.  You will be directed to your Marketplace Cart for review of your purchases.  click Proceed to Payment, your referral discount is automatically applied upon checkout. Click on "Proceed to Payment"




4.  You will then be asked to create your account or login to your account. If you are a new user, click on "Create New Account".  Fill in the details needed to register to Coggno and check out your course.





5. After creating your account or logging in to you account, you will be redirected to your Checkout cart. Click on "Place your Oder", enter your credit card details if you are paying with a credit, do a Purchase Order, or pay using your PayPal account.



Still unsure? Contact us here.