How To Refer Your Friends and Earn Follow

How to Create Referral

Users can now Invite Friends to use Coggno  and earn Money at the same time!


Invite Referral:

1.Click on ‘My Referrals’ on top of the Login page



 2.  Click on Invite Referral → Enter Referral Information → Click on Invite




Tracking Progress: 

Once an invitation is sent, the contact will show up in ‘My Referrals’ section. 


  • The initial status once the invitation is successfully sent will be ‘Invited’.



  • Once the user creates an account with Coggno, the status will then change to ‘Registered’.

  • Click on name of the user to view the purchases made as well as the money earned from the referral invite. Courses purchased by the said user will be  seen and the reward money earned in every transaction will also be indicated.

The reward money earned will be reflected in the accounting section.  You can then  withdraw funds anytime from the Accounting section.


Referral Coupon Usage: 

When an invite is sent, the user gets an invitation e-mail with a coupon code. User can either click on the course link suggested by Invitee and buy the course OR user can click on the Coggno Marketplace link  and browse through 1000+ courses available in Coggno Marketplace. Once required courses are added to cart, user can apply the coupon during checkout. User can use this coupon code on any number of courses and any amount. The coupon is valid for a single transaction.



 You can invite as many friends as you can and earn rewards by clicking on ‘Refer and Earn Cash’ button or from  ‘My Referrals’ Section in your account.




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