Managing Your Training University Follow

A Training University is a branded free learning platform that is available for your clients to use when they buy multiple licenses of your training. The Training University has the following functionalities:

  • Ability to create a specific Branded URL (login page) to send to learners
  • Ability to invite users, create, and/or upload a spreadsheet of users
  • Messaging Capabilities
  • Create and administer Discussion forum
  • Please note that the users do need to create credentials (email address and password) to access their training under the Course Library interface.


Here's a sample of your branded Log-in page:


















The training you purchased reside in the Modules and Courses page:


















How to Bring Users to your Course Library:

  • Under Users tab, create a Group where you want your users to be a member of (for ex: Software Training group – you can change the name of the group by clicking Edit)
  • You can add users to your groups via:  
    • Create User
    • Import Users (uploading via a spreadsheet)
    • Invite User (enter email address of user you are inviting) 






























How to Distribute training you purchased to your groups of users:

  • Under Modules sub-tab, click Distribute to Group

















  • Choose the training you are distributing to your group (I distributed the Excel 2010 Intermediate Course to the group)
















How to Generate Reports of your users:

 Under Reports sub-tab, Click Generate Report to run a report

    • Export to Excel to download a spreadsheet
    • Print Report to print the report













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