How to Choose / Convert Account to a Training Kiosk or a Training Hub Follow

This applies if you're purchasing two or more courses and licenses for yourself and your employees. To convert your account to a Business Account, you'll have two options:

1. Training Hub - enables you to create individual accounts for your employees inside your account. Your employees will have their own login credentials.

2. Training Kiosk - enables you to create individual dashboards for your employees inside your account without the need for them to use email addresses or create individual accounts.


  • After purchasing the licenses/ course, new users will be routed to this page. You will have to choose between the Training Hub and Training Kiosk.


  • For existing users who bought 2 or more licenses, you can convert your account by clicking on the title of the course. You will the options on the right side of the page. Click on either My Training Kiosk or My Training Hub and click Convert.GEN15.jpg






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