How to double check / review your recipe Follow

Once you finish cooking your recipes, there are several add-on tools you can use.

  • You can Turn off your recipe
  • You can Check your recipe if it’s working correctly
  • You can Trash/Delete your recipe
  • You can also review your recipe (click arrow button)










Recipes gone wrong:

  • The content {{EntryContent}} posted as well as the link to the feed page {{EntryUrl}}, but it didn’t pull the image. Review your ingredients.



























  • The content {{EntryContent}} and the {{EntryUrl}} were missing. Check your recipe and see if the {{EntryContent}}{{EntryUrl}} have no space in between.























If your recipes are not working properly, you can share your credentials with a Coggno tech representative to review your recipes or send a screenshot of your recipes so tech support can troubleshoot effectively.


Still unsure? Contact us here.