IFTTT How to For Facebook Follow

How to distribute Coggno announcement to your members?


You have four options you can choose from:

  1. Automate Coggno announcement via IFTTT by creating your own IFTTT account. Check succeeding pages to learn how.
  2. Automate Coggno announcement via IFTTT by creating your own IFTTT account and having a Coggno representative do it for you. Note that you need to share your social account’s credentials to Coggno.
  3. Friend or subscribe to Coggno on Facebook (http://facebook.com/coggno.com) and share Coggno’s announcement to your own timeline. Coggno can also sha
    re or post the announcements to your timeline. Check your Facebook settings and make sure you are allowing friends to post on your timeline. 









4. Request Coggno to be administrator of your Facebook account, and Coggno will post announcement to your timeline in your behalf. Add Coggno          ([email protected]) to be administrator of your Facebook account/page.


What is IFTTT?


IFTTT (pronunciation: "ift" as in "gift", short for “If THIS Then THAT”) is a free web service that allows you to connect different web applications such as blogs and social media accounts. By using IFTTT, you can create recipes that will automate any if not all of Coggno’s announcement (course of the day, webinar invitations, and general announcement) to your social media streams, be it Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You don’t have to do manual postings anymore, let Coggno (via IFTTT) do it for you.


How to Set Up Your Own IFTTT Account


To get started:

  1. Go to https://ifttt.com/ and click “Join” to create your account. This will be the account where you will set up the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed from the Coggno Social Blog (http://social.coggno.info/) to your social media sites.














2. Enter your credentials and click Create.




















How to Create Your IFTTT Recipes


3. You need to configure “triggers” to grab posts from the Coggno feed and direct them to your social network. You can do this by creating a recipe for each of your social accounts. Click “Create a Recipe”.











4. THIS is the Trigger, it asks what web account you want to grab the post or the information that will push to your social streams. This is the Coggno feed. Click THIS.












5. A search box will appear, search for “feed”, and click the RSS feed icon















6. Choose “New feed item”











7. Enter the

http://social.coggno.info/?feed=rss2, which is the RSS we set up on Coggno social blog for partners















8. “THAT’’ is the Action, it indicates which of your social account you want to push the feed to. Click THAT 













  • Choose Facebook from the list of options and activate your Facebook Channel by giving your credentials.














  • Chose which Facebook accounts (personal, group, or your company page). The feed will push to the Facebook account you chose.














  • Once the Channel is activated you can use to configure your triggers. Choose “Create a link post” to grab the feed from http://social.coggno.info/ on to your Facebook timeline.











  • Start adding “ingredients” to your Facebook recipe. The link or URL of the feed {{EntryUrl}} is default ingredient on your Facebook timeline (the link automatically grabs the content from the feed’s page and post on your to your timeline). Add ingredients under Message by clicking the dropdown (white +), choose EntryTitle and EntryContent, click Add Ingredient (refer to screenshots on next page).















  • Add more ingredients










































  • This is how your Facebook recipe looks like:

















  • This is how it looks like on a partner’s Facebook timeline:




Still unsure? Contact us here.