What are Coggno Widgets? Follow

“Coggno Widgets” are a series of small, easily configurable elements that can be used to feature Coggno.com training on blogs, websites and social networking pages. Users can easily build their own customized Coggno Widget in as little as one minute using a simple-to-use web interface. Generating revenue with relevant training with a Coggno Widget is easy by signing up for free.

Pick training from the Coggno catalog and present it. A simple widget can hold one course of various sizes to  showcase your favorite Coggno course.

Here are the Coggno Widgets:

  1. Simple Widget : Can hold 1 course
  2. Horizontal Widget :  Can hold up to 4 courses
  3. Vertical Widget : Can hold up to 4 courses
  4. Carousel Widget : Can hold up to 10 courses
  5. Latest Course Widget: Simple widget which shows latest published course of  author.

Here's a image sample of a Coggno Widget



Simple Links:  You can use different types of simple link to course also:

  • text link
  • link with course description
  • link with course description and icon
  • link witch course icon
  • link witch description and author logo

For a video tutorial on how to use and enable Coggno Widgets, please click here.

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