How to Add Your Users/Learners to Your Groups Follow

In the Users page, you have the functions that will allow you to create Groups of learners, Create Users, Import Users en masse, and Invite Users.

First Create a group, this will allow easier management of your learners and quick deployment of your course. You can create unlimited Groups, and specify who and what they represent by titling them.

  • To Create a Group, click on the New Group link. Enter a Group Name that describes that group, and, if you like, upload an Icon for visual representation of that group.


Once you created your new Group, you can add users via:

  1. Create User - add and create user individually
  2. Import Users - uploading via a spreadsheet, pre-populated with your users' login credentials
  3. Invite User - individually invite users, by using the Invite user link, enter email address of user you are inviting)
  • In both cases, your trainees will receive a system generated email notification advising them of their participation in the group and how to begin training.


Create User

In the main Users page, you will see Create User, click the link, and it will direct you to a form where you fill in you user's credentials - name, email, login information, etc. You also need to select which group you want to add the user to.





Import Users

Download the import sheet template and fill in your users' credentials. Once you're done, import the sheet on to your account and the system will process and create individual accounts for your all users.

A system generated email are sent to your users with their credentials. And you can also include a personalized message that will be added to the email.



Here's a quick view of the import sheet.



Invite User

Add in your learners' email addresses in the invite user field, and they will receive automated emails informing them that they have been added to your LMS and to that specific group, and with a link to self register. Once they created their accounts, they will be able to access the courses you've assigned to them.



By checking the box next to their name, you can designate one or several people in the group as the group administrator, which gives them the ability to look down into the group, see activity, reporting, and results of the members of the group.



You can delete Users individually by clicking on the Delete Users link

If you no longer have a use of the Group you created, you can Delete the Group entirely.

If you have more trainees in the group than the number of licenses to a course you have purchased, you can always purchase additional licenses

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