Introducing Coggno’s New Pricing Structure Follow

Introducing Coggno’s New Pricing Structure:

In an effort to bring greater exposure to your courses on and reach into thousands of businesses & associations as well as provide Coggno with a greater opportunity for marketing promotions, universally incentivizing partners and flexibility in marketing your courses across all of our sales channels and affiliates, we are making a change in our pricing structure.

Why are we making this change? The current system has proven clumsy, and is impeding sales. While you have already allocated a percentage of your sales to go to resellers, often resellers aren’t proactive enough to avail themselves and create marketing, incentives, and promotions that help sell your courses. This new structure will enable Coggno to create universal promotions.

For 90% of our content creators the new pricing structure will represent no change to your pay-out for course sales; and there is no change in charges from sales that are generated from links to your courses on your websites, and Coggno created web shops that reside on your websites. Sales generated from links to your courses on your websites, and Coggno created web shops will continue to be charged 10% Coggno fees.

What we are changing? Coggno is discontinuing the segregation of fees for courses sold via the Coggno Marketplace, and those that are sold via our syndication network; they will become one fee. As you know, currently, there is a fee that is allocated to Coggno (10% for courses above $70 and a higher % for lower priced courses) and a separate fee you have allocated to syndicators (resellers) usually 30%.

Going forward, Coggno fees and the % apportioned to sales through Syndication will be one fee, 40%.

In essence, we are reallocating the syndication percentage you have already set in place to allow us to drive a stronger promotion strategy around your courses.

The effect: For most of you this is no change in payout from the current Coggno fee and the % you have designated to syndicators (resellers). Coggno will incentivize resellers directly, and proactively market your courses to our end purchasers via promotions.

We are very optimistic that this restructure will streamline marketing opportunities, and will facilitate sales.

Transactions generated from the Marketplace/Syndication network will be indicated by a Gold Star in your accounting section.


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