Course Reports Follow

For content creators: Another way you can generate a report is via Course Reports.

Go to the course, click Reports subtab

Reporting from modules/courses published in the Marketplace:

  • If your course has been published in the Marketplace, you can find reports by module or course by clicking on the published course then clicking the Reports sub-tab.

Reporting from your groups:

If your course is for private distribution and only available in your LMS, then you can view reports in several places:

  • Under the Users Tab, click on the group you would like to see reporting on, then click on the Reports sub-tab, here you will see reports on each course that was distributed to this group.

  • You can also see a report on a specific learner by navigating to their group, clicking on their name, then clicking on the reports sub-tab, here you will see reporting around the training that they took

Customized Reporting:

Coggno also generates customized reports that are results of surveys you have built or specific reports from your modules or courses. Please contact your Coggno representative for information about having a custom report built.

Still unsure? Contact us here.