How to Add Bulk Purchase Discount to a course Follow

There are two types of discounting opportunities you can provide your customers from your Coggno Webshop and in the Coggno Marketplace:

  1. Discount – This option allows you to create discounts for a specific period. You can use this as a price point initiative to increase sales. Everyone loves discounts, and this will entice customers to save money and purchase your course. You can set the percentage discount from the base price and specify the start and end dates for the discount.
  2. Bulk Discount – This option lets you offer volume discounts on your modules and courses. Most authors in the Marketplace set price breaks at 25, 50, 100, and 200 units. However, you can customize the range as you see fit, starting at 10 or 20 units, followed by 50. This encourages your customers to buy more as they are rewarded for their bulk purchases.

Here are the steps to add a Discount or Bulk Purchase Discount to a course on your page:

  1. Open your course and click on the "Marketplace" subtab.
  2. Click "Add Discount" if you are adding a discount for a specific period.
  3. Click "Add Bulk Purchase Discount" if you are adding volume discounts.
  4. Enter the discount percentage and amount.
  5. Click "Save."

Here are some screenshots for reference:






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