Pricing Your Courses and Payment Processing Follow


You are free to price your content at any amount that you wish. We suggest amounts that are in keeping with your subject areas standards. Consider if the audience for this content are individuals or corporations which are inclined to purchase multiple licenses. There are administrative options within the interface for your content to be purchased and distributed within an organization. You may also want to consider creating course content of varying lengths, and charging accordingly. Learners may be interested in trying out a course at a lower price point before investing in a more substantial one at a higher price point.

There are volume discounting options available to you in the pricing interface. See how to create bulk discounts.



You can syndicate any of your content. There are options on the syndication screen that allow you to share up to 11% of the revenue from the sale with the Publisher of your content. We suggest you evaluate your goals through syndication. Generally if your goals are to expand your audience and broaden your recognition then facilitate that by a large percentage of the revenue with publishers.


Payment Processing (withdrawing your funds)

Click on the Withdraw Funds link to transfer your sales. Complete the form and submit. You can select to be paid by check or PayPal. Please note that there is a $200 minimum payout and 2 business week settlement period.




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