How to Create Survey Follow

Surveys can be used to ask general questions of your learners or specific questions you want to appear on any certificate you may be issuing them.

There are 3 types of questions you can ask:

TEXT - where you can ask open-ended question of your learners


  • Please tell us what C Training Solutions should do to improve the quality of its training services?

RADIO BUTTON - where learners are given a pre-populated set of answers to a question and they can select one of those answers, example


  • Select which best identifies your function

            Manager
            Technician
            Support

CHECKBOX - where you provide learners with a statement that they confirm by checking.


  • I am familiar with gasoline engines
  • I acknowledge that I alone am completing this curriculum.

To learn how to create survey on Coggno, click on the video below.

 For complete transcript of the video, please download the pdf attachment.

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