How to Distribute Courses - Training Kiosk Follow


Distribute your training content or courses you purchased from Coggno to your groups of users by clicking on the Distribute to Group button, which will assign the course to a group.

Note: Once licenses are distributed to a group, there's no need to distribute again when buying more licenses unless a new group is created. 

Here's how:

1. Log in to your admin page.

2. Under Users, choose or create a group on where you want to distribute the course.

3. Click Distribute to Group.

4. A box will appear and put a checkmark on the courses you want to distribute.

5. Don't forget to Transfer the licenses > 1 user = 1 license.

NOTE: The licenses will automatically be available to everyone inside the group but a license will only be assigned to a person/user who plays or takes on the course.



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